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Quality bakers since 1965

Order Tramadol Online Usa, Tramadol To Buy

Mortons Rolls were originally founded by Bob Morton and Jim Clarke in 1965 at their bakery in Temple, Anniesland, situated on the West side of Glasgow.  They had a vision to supply Glasgow with a traditional handmade, full flavoured roll, which became a huge success.

Over the years Mortons expanded their product range to include Confectionery, Hot Plate and Meat goods with the Traditional Crispy roll remaining the company’s flagship product.

To this day Mortons legendary Crispy Roll is produced using those same traditional handmade methods and the best sourced ingredients, giving these rolls a unique look and texture that’s full of flavour.

Our Range

Milled in Scotland using traditional handmade methods.


From Burger buns & Petit Pans to crispy rolls

Morton’s rolls are produced and delivered fresh every day. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner; white or brown, there is a roll for everyone. Including our legendary Traditional Crispy Roll, perfect for any time of the day.


From Burger buns & Petit Pans to crispy rolls

Morton’s confectionery range offers something for everyone with a sweet tooth. We have a full range of Tarts, Cream Cakes, Pastries and Sponges, produced and delivered fresh every day.

Hot Plates

From Burger buns & Petit Pans to crispy rolls

Morton’s Hot Plate range offer a full range of Scones, Potato Scones and Soda Scones made and delivered fresh every day.

Meat Goods

From Burger buns & Petit Pans to crispy rolls

Morton’s offer a quality range of savoury goods made and delivery fresh daily. Pies, Bridies and Sausage rolls, are all available.

Order Tramadol Online Usa, Tramadol To Buy

Stats & Facts

did you know any of these interesting
Mortons roll secrets?

0 kg
of flour is miled every week
cakes made every week
scones made every week
0 million
rolls made every week